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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Back from the wilds of Utah ...

With sanity intact. Sort of.

I came home to find my edits for The Lighthorseman on my doorstep, so truth be told, I've been home all week. We had a wonderful time in the mountains. The first night, it rained and the sounds of the wind through the trees was amazing. Later in the week, everything dried out and the nights were deathly quiet. Like spoooky quiet. My poor husband couldn't sleep a wink because there was no noise.

So, I come home to my edits. Not too bad, really. I've spent a couple of days moving commas from one part of a sentence to another. I do not get along with commas apparently.

But I'm enjoying myself! I love this whole writing professionally thing. People are paying me to move those commas and that makes it all worth while. Of course, it was worth while to write before I was published, too. I wrote for myself and some friends. But I never 'had' to move a comma.

Oh... we're picking up our new puppy on Friday evening. Her name is Lady of Lyonesse and we can't wait. She's a 9 week old South African Boerboel Mastiff. Eventually she'll be huge, but right now she's about 14 lbs. She'll ride home on my lap, I'm sure, and my legs will be numb from the trip, but I don't care. I love this breed.

Lea (as we'll call her) is our second. Our first is a male/stud named Pistol Pete. Right now he's lounging on my living room floor - his meaty, black jowls contrasting with my champagne colored carpeting. He's a brindle, so he matches the carpet almost perfectly. And he's really sweet, too. Unless he doesn't know you and then he growls and barks and is really skeery.

I need to get back to those commas... I mean, my edits. I'll write again soon.



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