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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Let the Games Begin

We are now in possession of our brand new, 9-week old South African Boerboel female, Select's Lady of Lyonesse.  You can see pictures here:  http://www.marjoriejones.com/dogshome/index.html .  She's a super sweetie and the spitting image of her pops, Dopper Madala. 
Puppies are so much fun and they smell sooo good.  I love that puppy smell.  Lea is eager to learn and thanks to the superior breeding standards and attention to detail of Cammie (the owner of Select Boerbeol's where Lea was whelped) she is already crate trained and practically housebroken. 
Lea is a black and tan (aka Fawn) colored Mastiff and we'll be breeding her to Pistol Pete in a couple of years.  Pete is Brindle, so we'll expect a mixture of pups.  In the meantime, I'm watching my toes (Lea has really sharp little teeth lol) and we're having a great time.
Also, I'm deep into edits for The Lighthorseman and as soon as I post this, I'll be getting back to work on it.  My next blog entry, when I'm finished with edits and I've turned them in, will be titled "What I love about my editor."  Things like her sense of humor and how it's quite obvious that the further she read into the manuscript, the more pressure she applied to her red pen when she made her comments.  Ouch.
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