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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Questions for the Cosmos

I should have been writing, but since I broke through a difficult scene earlier today, I decided to take the evening off and watch a movie with my husband.  He wanted to watch the new King Kong with Jack Black, so yours truly made a trip to Blockbuster.
Natch, the husband was asleep before they even found Kong on the island, but that's okay.  I enjoyed the movie anyway.  He'd already seen it, which is how he knew I'd like it.
A beautiful girl falls in love with an ape, and vice versa.  What's not to like?
Which brings me to the question... what is it about off the wall relationships that is so fascinating?  I mean, it didn't really work out too well for poor old Kong.  In the stories we love to read (and some of us write) our 'beasts' are generally shapeshifters (at least, I sure hope they are).  But that still leaves the question of the animal influence. 
Is it because animals are primal and therefore inherently innocent?  Pure, if you will?  A dog chews of shoes because that's what dogs do, not because they are 'bad', or they want you be barefoot when you head to Payless after they ate your last pair.  (yes, that's a true story as of about three days ago, grrrr).
Or is it the taming of the beast that we're after?  If a beast, a person with the heart of an animal, can learn to love on an intelligent level, with a purpose, does that somehow make them less animal and more human?
I dunno.  I'm just asking. 
Nobody actually reads my blog yet, so if, at some point, someone comes upon this cosmic question, feel free to give a shout.  I'd love to understand it a bit better.
Oh, and for the record, my breakthrough scene was a love scene... Vampire hero, Witch heroine, complete with a bite.  Breakthrough.  I'm just not sure whether my beast became more human, or my witch became more beast.
We shall see on the morrow when I pick up the pen.


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