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Monday, October 16, 2006

New Movie Every Writer Will Adore

I wish I knew the title, but the new Will Farrell movie is one I will NOT miss.
This poor guy is walking through his normal, everyday existence when out of the blue he begins to hearing voices.  Well, one voice.  That of a woman who is basically narrating his life. 
He learns that she is a very popular fiction author and slowly discovers two things...
She is writing his life.
She is trying to KILL him!
I can't wait to see this flick, and I'm not a movie goer, at all.
Why?  Because it reminds me of my own writing life.  My characters feel like real people to me.  I don't take it to the same extreme that some writers do, that is: believing they are my babies and bad-editor better not screw with my artistic prose...
But they are real to me and I adore all of them like family.
For instance, when I was writing The Jewel and the Sword against a severe self-imposed deadline, I wrote all day, everyday, for five days.  I needed to write roughly 15 chapters while my husband was out of town on vacation.  So, I showered once, when I offended myself, and forgot to pick up my daughter from school.  Err... Twice.
Still, on day four of this marathon from hell, someone started screaming at me.  "Why are you writing Devlin's story?  Everyone knows he is the boring one.  I'm better looking, and I'm far more fun than that old whanker!  Create a love for me, love." 
He wouldn't shut up!  I told him he would get his own story, something I hadn't decided before that.  But in the end, I had to stop writing The Jewel and the Sword and start writing My Lady's Will right then and there.  Instead of writing 15 chapters, I wrote 18 chapters.  Once I'd completed the partial for his story, Will shut up long enough for me to finish the current project, which sold three month's later to Medallion Press.  Yay.
Do characters talk to authors?  Heck yea.  This spin on author's interfereing in their characters' lives' should be a hilarious spin on things!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's "Stranger than Fiction" and I'm going to see it this weekend.

1:05 PM  

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