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Friday, February 16, 2007

Hi gang!

The image posted above is my new foreign bookcover from German publishing giant, Knaur. For more information about what the title means, you can check out the books page on my website. This is more or less a blog-by, but I wanted to let you all know about a contest I'm running.

Most of the German translations of American romance novels use recycled covers from older American books. I have a feeling based on the pose and art used for the new "Rescuer of my Heart" version of The Jewel and the Sword, that this is such a case.

But whose book did this cover originally bless? That's the contest!

The first reader to swing by my website and use my contact for to tell me the name of the book and author for whom this cover was originally crafted will win a copy of The Jewel and the Sword (American version). So hit those keeper-shelves, search those sharp-as-a-tack memories and let me know if you've seen this cover before! Enquiring minds want to know! Mine!

Permission to forward this post is granted and encouraged... the more the merrier (and the better my chances of gaining this little bit of trivia for my own peace of mind.)

Hugs and more hugs,


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