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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mountain Climbing for the Holidays

Hello again :)
The Flyer is done and I get to concentrate on the holidays.  My kitchen has been in a barely clean holding pattern for two weeks, so this morning I am going to clean it to sparkling, clean the dining room and living room etc, decorate for Christmas and put up the tree.  Then, I'm going to do Grocery Shopping... which I haven't done in six months.  It's been a trip to the store for necessities and one or two meals every week and of course, lots of fast food.  No more.  Today, I stock the pantry and the fridge like a bad boy.  Then, I'm going to do laundry... I'll need some of those funky shoes and the claspy things the mountain climbers where, of course.  Mt. Laundry has made it to biblical proportions.  Wish me luck.
I'm notorious for waiting until the last minute to shop for gifts.  I prolly won't go for at least another two weeks.  Wish me luck there, too.


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